In response to the youthful market demand, RTD has been introduced, such as Japan Gekiuma multi-flavored cocktail drinks infusing with different fruits.


In 2016, we’ve got the opportunity to send our management staff to attend classes to enhance the skills of various departments.


In 2015, we have cooperated with Synergy Link Holding Ltd to represent Japanese products, including trial distributionship in each region.


The company finally purchased two warehouses at 10, Admiralty Street, with a total of about 10,000 square feet.


In order to develop business and in order to penetrate traditional business practices, we seek foreign parties for brand distribution and create branded brands to strengthen our competitiveness in the market.


We moved from Ang Mo Kio to a 2500 sq. ft. warehouse in Tagore Lane withonly six employees. In line with the growth of the business at that time, increasing the number of employees to more than 10.


Mr. Lee and Mr. Hung, knowing the products and the market trends ofthe alcohol industry well, both founded Goodeal Marketing. Even with limitations the company can compete with the market even though it only has 3 employees at that time.